Monday, September 20, 2010

Highlights from my interview with Bob Yehling of Word Journeys

Word Journeys

Q.  What fed your decision to write Two Spirits, One Heart?

A.  I wanted parents to know that when our children come out, we as parents are faced with fear on so many levels . . . .  I wanted adults and youth to see two people struggle through their fears, but ask questions, share their feelings and listen to each other to move from fear into understanding.  Our travels took us to uncomfortable and scary places.  Read More...

Q.  You grew up with truly girlish tastes and preferences – dolls, tea parties, boys, etc. What were some of the toughest adjustments for you when you realized Ashley did not like what most of the other girls liked?

A.  The toughest adjustments were letting go of my image that I had a daughter.  I loved my daughter, her charm, her animation and our times together sharing mother and daughter things, like going to tea.   Where would we connect, if she was a boy?  Read More...

Q.  When Aiden became involved with the transgender community, after being involved with the lesbian community, how much knowledge did you have of these issues?

A.  Aiden’s involvement in the transgender community seemed to trigger more activism in me.  My vision to open LGBT friendly high school diploma programs entered my mind one day and became a cause that stayed in my heart .  We are currently running a satellite program LifeWorks at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and are in talks with three other Gay and Lesbian Centers to determine if other satellite programs can be opened up.  I do this work for all the Aiden’s in the world.  I found my life purpose.  Read More...

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