Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being an author is so exciting . . .  like riding a roller coaster.  I receive a request from an agent to see my book proposal one day (woohoo) and then the next day open a letter saying that an agent wasn't engaged enough with my writing to represent my book (thud . . the sound of my heart dropping to the ground).  I click on an email from an agent who says my book is impressive and moving (yeah), then he continues to say he's not the right agent for Two Spirits, One Heart. (sigh).

But I know if I listen to my heart and stay humble, all of these experiences make me a better writer. Taking every piece of feedback in each rejection letter my editor & I re-write chapters daily while keeping the integrity of my story intact.  The results are amazing.  I no longer tell a story, but ask you to walk with me through my days and nights.

I thank every agent who has taken the time to let me know why my writing did not grab them and pull them into my world.  And for those interested in reading my new chapter, please click here.  Let me know what you think.