Friday, January 7, 2011

My 2011 Dream Board

Happy New Year Everyone . . . .
The new year always inspires me to take time to dream.  I love to make  “dream boards”  to start my New Year.  It is a beautiful reminder of all I intend to accomplish throughout the year.  Here is my “dream board” for 2011.  This year my dreams focus on my book, Two Spirits, One Heart and a different way of life.  I visualize myself writing a story that readers can’t put down and publishers race to publish. . . a story full of honesty, compassion and courage.  I also see myself surrounded in magical moments of peace, harmony, laughter and love.  My heart will be my guide . . . I must remember to listen closely.

I wish each of you a year of dreams as well.  I believe 2011 will be my greatest year ever.  I am so excited to see all my dreams come true.  And it is my deepest and most heartfelt wish that your year is filled with all that you treasure most . . .sprinkled with dreams that wait patiently for you to say . . let us begin!!

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