Sunday, March 6, 2011

As a scared and uncertain mother when my oldest child first came out to me, I was assured at a PFLAG,(Parents, Family and Friends for Lesbians and Gays support group), event that this LGBT & Straight Ally Community I was entering would be there for me and my family.  Since that day that support has never left our side.  And now, once again this community came together to support us in Arcadia as we asked for love and acceptance for all families.
About 100 people stood as one to make a statement of support for the countless LGBT families and individuals not only in Arcadia, but in neighboring cities.  Chanting and singing filled the morning air.  Big and small rainbow flags fluttered in the wind.  And there were signs questioning the Arcadia Mayor and his decision.  But most of all there were handmade posters of love and acceptance raised up high for all to see.
My son’s courage inspires me each day to be courageous.  And what I saw in the early morning in the city I call my home, were other brave individuals standing up for love, speaking out for those who may not be able to speak yet, and showing those in the LGBT community that they do not have to walk this path alone.  I understood on a very deep level why the LGBT community has chosen the word PRIDE to represent their cause.  Yesterday my heart swelled with pride as from near and far, as LGBT individuals and straight allies we linked arms to ask Arcadia to accept who we are and love all families including our own.

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