Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Disorganized Organizer

A strength carried to its extreme becomes a weakness I have been told.  I just have to look at my life and see how true that is.  I am considered a fairly organized individual, but sometimes I organize so much, I become overwhelmed and plop down in total disarray.  I have numerous spiral notebooks, journals, post-it notes and project binders, as well as my notes on my IPOD.  Sigh . . . .
What strength do you carry to its extreme?  Do you care so much you are in a constant state of worry?  I have been there.   Do you want things so perfect that if something does not happen exactly as planned, the whole thing is ruined?  I can relate to that.
The solution . . . . pull back on the extreme and what will remain is only the strength.  Care, but not so much that it becomes all consuming.  I can do that!!  Strive for perfection, but if I fall short appreciate all that went well.  Check!!  Now the organization piece . .  .hmmmm . . . .anyone have some good ideas for me on how to do that?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Scarlet Tea Room for Aiden & My Birthday!

As I celebrate each new birthday, material possessions become less important year by year.  Those things created from the heart and given freely with love touch me in ways that no expensive gifts could ever do.  This year I asked each of my children to either make a birthday card or find one that spoke directly from their heart to mine.
I celebrated my birthday with my family that day, but within my heart I celebrated the real gifts of my day. . . Three wonderful children and one special husband that fill my heart every day with all that they are and all that they bring to my life.  How can a mother ask for anything more precious than that?