Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Disorganized Organizer

A strength carried to its extreme becomes a weakness I have been told.  I just have to look at my life and see how true that is.  I am considered a fairly organized individual, but sometimes I organize so much, I become overwhelmed and plop down in total disarray.  I have numerous spiral notebooks, journals, post-it notes and project binders, as well as my notes on my IPOD.  Sigh . . . .
What strength do you carry to its extreme?  Do you care so much you are in a constant state of worry?  I have been there.   Do you want things so perfect that if something does not happen exactly as planned, the whole thing is ruined?  I can relate to that.
The solution . . . . pull back on the extreme and what will remain is only the strength.  Care, but not so much that it becomes all consuming.  I can do that!!  Strive for perfection, but if I fall short appreciate all that went well.  Check!!  Now the organization piece . .  .hmmmm . . . .anyone have some good ideas for me on how to do that?

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