Monday, July 18, 2011

Honoring Our Parents . . . Tak and Jean Ogino

Mom and Dad

My Mom and Dad have been gone for 10 years and 12 years respectively.  They never wanted us to be burdened or filled with guilt about visiting them at the cemetery.  For this reason, Dad initially wanted to be buried at sea, but Mom with her vulnerable, sweet perspective said, “I don’t want to be buried at sea.  I can’t swim.”  A part of me would chuckle inside, thinking after she is gone, would it really matter if she could swim or not.  Another part of me knew the ocean represented a vastness that her spirit wouldn’t be comfortable in and so we buried Mom and Dad together at Rose Hills.
Once a year my brothers and I visit Rose Hills in July.  Mom died in June and Dad died in August, so July was right in between.  Other family members join us if they can.  With flowers, music, a candle and cleaning supplies in hand, we as a family pay our respects to the two people who taught us the meaning of love and acceptance.  We continue the day with lunch at a seafood restaurant.  Mom and Dad loved seafood.  Over lunch, we tell stories and fondly reminisce over times gone by.
There are days, when a random moment triggers thoughts of my parents.  And when that happens, my heart yearns to reach out and hug them one last time.   But they are not here.  So I can only pause and silently send my thoughts of gratitude to wherever they are.  Mom and Dad . . . I hope you know how much I love and miss you. . . .

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