Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Leap Of Faith

The Hall Family

Farewell Office Party

In June, I decided to move from an Educational Director to Educational Consultant with the network of organizations I have worked with for over 13 years.  The signs were growing stronger . . . .it was time to concentrate on my writing and activism within the LGBT community.

At my farewell party, every detail of my bon voyage spoke of love and appreciation. . . . from the three beautiful desserts created by Jodi Hall, to the gorgeous lei my husband placed around my neck and the stunning sunflowers that graced the table.  To my surprise, each guest, including my son Stefen, presented me with a sunflower and talked about the difference I made to them with the work I did.   Although Aiden and Mary could not attend, I knew their spirits were present.  Music softly played in the background.  Jamie Hall, my Executive Director for the last five years began to speak.  Her voice quivered with emotion as she expressed her appreciation for all I had done.   Many of my well wishers cried . . . I cried more.

No words can ever express the gratitude I have for John and Joan Hall, founders of the charter school where I served as a Board Member and later a Director.   I loved working for them and learning from them these past years.  I thank Jamie Hall for bringing out the courage, compassion and boldness in me.  John Jr. and Jennifer,  thank you for showing me the unwavering power of being true to your heart’s desire.

I will miss working so closely with the Hall Family and many others I have grown to love and respect, such as Bill, Mike, Pam, Jim, Chris and Kelley.  But I know no matter where our paths take us, our hearts will always be connected.  


  1. Thanks Marsha for sharing your heart. Through your words I could feel the love in the room.

  2. Hi Belen:
    I appreciate you leaving a comment. It was a wonderful send off . . . .