Saturday, July 9, 2011

Manifesting Dreams

Old Vision Board Created 6 Months Ago

 As I sat down and reviewed the first half of 2011, I realized the Vision Board I put together 6 months ago manifested to the point where I wanted to see past this vision and further into the future.  In May I signed a contract with Magnus Books for Two Spirits, One Heart.  It is scheduled for release in Spring 2012.  The tiger, the focus, the “I couldn’t put it down!” transformed me from a writer to an author.  

And in June, I transitioned from a director to a consultant for Pathways in Education, providing me with more flexibility to write and creating a more peaceful, nature filled and inspired life, so I have room each day to dream.   I spend more time in stillness and love sitting on my back porch with my dog, Mochi, writing, reading, consulting and watching the hummingbirds hover among my flowers.

And so I would like to share my new Vision Board with you.  Thank you Chris A. and Mike C. for believing in Aiden, Oprah and me.  Oprah is on there!!  Vision Boards are an amazing tool to see your dreams more concretely and keep them in the forefront of your thoughts.  

What would YOU like to manifest in 2011?  I’d love to hear your thoughts or see your Vision Boards. . . . message me!!!

NEW Vision Board

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