Thursday, August 25, 2011

A School District With Vision

This week, Aiden and I spoke at an event for the leaders of Downey Unified School District.  They are tackling the issue of bullying head on with Dr. Robert Jagielski, Director of Student Services leading the charge.  What inspired me most at this event was Dr. Jagielski’s fearlessness and determination.   He didn’t believe that you can effect change by tiptoeing around the issue or talking about it at one staff development.  This will be an on-going focus.  The lives of youth are at stake . . . . his courage, his boldness are such an inspiration.
Although Aiden and I came representing the LGBT community, we spoke to principals, assistant principals, assistant superintendents and the superintendent as a representative of all students who are perceived different and suffer in silence.  There are so many students who fall into this category. 
We walked away from this event in awe of this man, these leaders and this district that supports their leaders to change the culture of their schools.  Bravo Downey Unified and Bravo Dr. Robert Jagielski. . . .

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mochi Falls in Love

Mochi Cake!!

Mochi has been with us for four months now. Aiden calls her Mochi Cake, which he thinks is funny, because mochi is a pounded rice cake, so Aiden is calling her rice cake cake.

Two weeks ago Mochi fell in love on a walk around the block.  His name is Gizmo.
He is a more compact, fuzzy 4 year old version of her.  She doesn't seem to notice their differences.  She just loves his kind, gentle and patient heart.  Almost every night they walk together. If I forget the time, Mochi gets restless at walk time and sometimes begins to whimper . . . Gizmo's owner says he will sit at the end of his driveway watching for her.  When they see each other, they run down the driveway as fast as their short little legs can carry them.  I now walk almost every night, because I can't bear the thought of Gizmo sitting forlornly waiting for Mochi and Mochi feeling an emptiness in her heart without her daily connection to him.

Ready, Set, Walk

I would love to see a world where you would be judged by your heart . . . not by your age, your size or the type of fur you had.  I would love to see a world where everyone had someone waiting for them at the driveway and this someone couldn't wait to see them every day.  What a wonderful world that would be . . . . 

You Light Up My Life

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Power of Words

I have always loved words.  The sound of the right words strung together fill the air like music to my ears.  The perfect passage written from the heart can move me to tears.  Often it is words that bring out the activist in me.  I become courageous, passionate and bold.

Recently two of my dear friends, Michi and David, presented me with a necklace for my retirement.  It contained 100 tiny beads representing 100 wishes.  What a perfect gift for someone who loves words. 

Two Spirits, One Heart is over 70,000 words.  It is my hope this book will resonate with others and move them to greater action and love.  I hope LGBT youth read it and understand they are worthy of whatever dreams and goals they hold in their hearts.  That no matter what others tell them, the only person's opinion that truly matters is their own.  I hope LGBT parents read it and know that they can move through fear into love.  Through the eyes of love, anything is possible.

Words can change the world.  What are you saying to yourself and others today?