Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Power of Words

I have always loved words.  The sound of the right words strung together fill the air like music to my ears.  The perfect passage written from the heart can move me to tears.  Often it is words that bring out the activist in me.  I become courageous, passionate and bold.

Recently two of my dear friends, Michi and David, presented me with a necklace for my retirement.  It contained 100 tiny beads representing 100 wishes.  What a perfect gift for someone who loves words. 

Two Spirits, One Heart is over 70,000 words.  It is my hope this book will resonate with others and move them to greater action and love.  I hope LGBT youth read it and understand they are worthy of whatever dreams and goals they hold in their hearts.  That no matter what others tell them, the only person's opinion that truly matters is their own.  I hope LGBT parents read it and know that they can move through fear into love.  Through the eyes of love, anything is possible.

Words can change the world.  What are you saying to yourself and others today?

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