Monday, September 5, 2011

Aiden's Gotcha Day

Twenty-three years ago today, a lady from Japan walked out of customs at LAX, clutching the cutest little baby I had ever seen.  As family and friends stood around us, Mrs. Kikuchi handed me this tiny package of hope while Tad looked on. We had been waiting to adopt this baby for months.  When I took Aiden in my arms for the first time, it felt like he had always belonged to me. I silently vowed that I would love this baby as if my own and I believe I have kept that promise to my son. Sometimes I forget that he was born out of my heart and not out of my body.  I just know he was meant to be my son and each day I am more certain that our connection wasn't a random roll of the dice. I was born to be his mother. 

Every year we celebrate not only Aiden's birth date, but the day he became part of our lives. We call this day his Gotcha Day, because it was the day we "got him."  We always told our kids they were special and having two days honoring their arrival, both to the world and to our lives, always felt appropriate.  

So today, we will go out to dinner and have Diddy Riese for dessert . . . Aiden's choices!  Happy Gotcha Day Aiden . . . How lucky can two parents be to have a son whose heart and spirit bring us so much joy each day. . . . .

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