Monday, October 10, 2011

Reflecting on WHY

Though I know there is still much to be done before my book is published, this break after 18 months of writing Two Spirits, One Heart, has given me an opportunity to discover a very important concept that will probably guide all of my decisions from here on out.  And this concept is only one word . . . . WHY.

When I began to write my memoir with Aiden, I knew nothing about writing a book and getting published.  I only felt myself pulled in this direction over and over again. So without really knowing WHAT or HOW.  I began this journey, because I knew WHY.  In sharing our story I believed we could bring healing and hope to other LGBT children and their families, so they could find their way from darkness to light as we had.  Later it became evident that our story was not just for LGBT families, but all families that have faced adversity and wanted to move through fear to love.

Knowing WHY brings commitment and passion to all I do, as well as magically drawing people and organizations who believe what I believe into my life.  And as I look back, it is the WHY that has brought out the courage and compassion that drives me forward through adversity and challenges in all areas.  

What are some of your WHYs?

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