Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving with Family and Friends
Seeing all the posts on Facebook about what people are grateful for these past few days, I too appreciate all the abundance in my life.  I have loved the warmth of family and friends, the funny stories that made tears rolls down my face as I laughed without restraint and the shared memories of dear friends and family who are no longer with us, but still live in our hearts.  This year, Thanksgiving was extra special, because some friends I haven't seen for forty years, Chris Arpon and Ron Macabeo, came to my house to share our Thanksgiving dinner and help celebrate my brother, Marty's birthday.

Uncle Marty with best friends, Chris and Ron

Uncle Marty, is a very extraordinary human being.  Moving outside his comfort zone this year, he sat in the Arcadia Council room and supported me as I spoke before the Arcadia City Council when the Mayor elected to bring an anti LGBT organization, Focus on the Family, to his Community Breakfast.    Marty joined us at 6:30 am to wave a rainbow flag outside the Community breakfast where we protested the Focus of the Family speaker.  He likes to cook and often delivers some delicious meals to my home . . . .cooking with love as our mother taught us. And Uncle Marty and his family have stood by Aiden's side cheering him on and loving him unconditionally.

I hope all of you have an Uncle Marty in your life, who expresses his love and acceptance in all that he does and quietly gives  in ways that speak volumes on how much he cares.  I am so thankful for my brother and his amazing heart . . . . he is a gift that I treasure not only at Thanksgiving, but all year long.  Thank you, Uncle Marty . . . . . 

Uncle Marty supporting his nephew, Aiden!!

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