Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OFL/LifeWorks Brings Hope to LGBT Youth

Regional Supervisor Abel Cabrera with Teacher Jeff White, Lead Teacher Molly Sircher,
and 2012 OFL Graduate Christopher Thomas receiving Oustanding Achievement Award

Sitting alone in the ER after being physically assaulted for his sexual orientation and disowned by his grandparents for being gay, Christopher needed a place to hope.  He found it at Opportunities for Learning (OFL) Charter School and the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s LifeWorks Program.  This month Christopher graduated and received an award for being an outstanding senior from his teacher, Jeff White.  Christopher is off to community college and dreams of transferring to UCLA.  I know he will make this dream come true.  Congratulations, Christopher!!

Christopher with Two of his Angels, Molly and Danitza Pantoja

Realizing he was born in the wrong body, this creative and determined student decided to live authentically and courageously as a female.  Not wanting to transition at her current school, she came to OFL and was fully accepted and supported by her teacher, John Sandate.  Aly, a beautiful and artistic girl, also graduated from OFL and is now on her way to FIDM, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.  She will be bringing more beauty and style to the world not only through her presence, but also through her work.  Congratulations, Aly!!

Aly, Aiden, and Me at her OFL Graduation

There were many angels that led the way for these two graduates.  Thank you teachers, staff and leaders for your unwavering belief in Christopher and Aly . . . . it has changed their lives and allowed them to blossom into the amazing individuals you see today.  A special thanks to John and Joan Hall, founders of OFL, who work every day to create a space of empowerment and inspiration for all who enter their schools . . .

John and Joan Hall

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  1. Marsha!
    Thanks for being such an integral part of OFL Hollywood. Your steadfast support and empowering presence is a source of inspiration for all of us involved. Chris is on his way to accomplish great things, in part because he is an amazing individual and in part because we could provide him the encouragement and security he deserves. Thanks for being with him on his journey.
    Much love and thanks,