Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Mother’s Take: Creating Safe Faith Communities

More than 10 years ago, Aiden was asked to leave a local Lutheran church we were attending. In the kindest voice, a visiting minister told my child that he could return when he found himself … in other words, when he was not gay. Those words pierced my son’s heart.

Aiden loved God, but on that day, he believed that God no longer loved him. He left the church and has not returned.

I left the church as well, never feeling completely safe. I was afraid for Aiden, and I was not brave enough to stay and try to change the way this church viewed the LGBTQ community.

Today, I am stronger and more determined to transform the way the faith community sees LGBTQ individuals and their families. I believe the greatest hurt to this group has come from the faith community, and I feel the world will never be safe for Aiden if churches, temples and mosques condemn those in the LGBTQ community and call them abominations... [Read More]