Friday, January 26, 2018

A Mother’s Take: Still I Can Do Something

It is a new year! Time to let go of 2017 and look forward to 2018. If 2017 was a good year, then we hope for the same in 2018. If 2017 was a bad year, we’re glad it is over and hope that 2018 will be better.
Ironically, I started my column using the words “good” and “bad,” yet I have learned that putting labels on events determines my perception of what has occurred. Last year, I put a lot of “bad” labels on things because of our political climate and the deaths that seemed to be coming at a faster and more frequent pace. Both scare me. This year, I am determined to focus my attention on just seeing the good in more things and finding wisdom in events.
Here are a couple of stories that have inspired me so far in 2018.
I was first moved by a story my son told me. Aiden works at a charter school for dropout recovery students. These students are behind in credits for various reasons: they have parents who are incarcerated, they have been expelled, they are teen parents or they have families living with financial challenges...[read more]

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